Award Certificate (Nagradnoi list) 1989
TsAMO, f. 33, op. 1, d. 35, ll. 405-408
1. Last name, first name, patronymic: LITVIAK, Lidiia Vladimirovna
2. Military rank: Guards Junior Lieutenant
3. Position: Flight commander 3 Squadron 73 Guards IAP from 13 June 1943
4. Year and place of birth: 1921, Moscow
5. Nationality: Russian
6. Party status: Member of Komsomol
7. Participation and combat activities in defense of the USSR (where, when): from 20 June 1942 to 1 August 1943 in the 586 IAP, 437 IAP, 9 Guards IAP, 73 Guards IAP
8. Wounded: 22 March 1943 in air combat, 16 July 1943 in air combat
9. In the Armed Forces of the USSR from: 13 October 1941, called up by special recruitment of Moscow City Military Commissariat

10. Previous government awards: Order of the Red Star, Order of the Red Banner, medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad, Order of the Patriotic War I degree (posthumously) - 16 August 1943
11. Home address submitted for the award or of the family: Moscow, Novoslobodskaia Street, House 14, Apartment 88
12. Services for which award is granted:
Comrade LITVIAK Lidiia Vladimirovna began combat duty in the Patriotic War in June 1942 in the PVO system at Saratov, as a pilot in the 586 IAP. She completed 55 combat flights to cover ground objectives and to provide air escort of aircraft with important cargo to the front lines.
On 10 September 1942 in a group of pilots from the 586 she arrived at the front in an area of intense fighting at Stalingrad. She began combat activities in the 437 IAP. On 13 September on her second sortie during combat with enemy fighters and bombers she showed courage and bravery. She personally shot down a Ju-88 bomber. Then, coming to the aid of pilot R. Beliaeva, who ran out of ammunition, she engaged an Me-109, which belonged to the squadron "Richthofen" and shot it down.
From 1 Oct 1942 comrade LITVIAK L. V. conducted combat work in the 9th Guards IAP. Equally with other pilots in that regiment, she completed combat missions for air cover of forces and objectives in the region of Zhitkur and escorted transport aircraft to the front lines. She completed 63 combat flights, including 5 flights for air cover at Stalingrad.
From 8 Jan 1943 comrade LITVIAK L. V. performed combat work in the 296 IAP (from 8 March 1943 redesignated the 73rd Guards IAP). Here she proved to be an exceptionally brave pilot. She took part in many air battles against superior enemy forces, and repeatedly risking herself, came to the aid of her comrades. She personally, shot down 1 Ju-87, 2 Ju-88, and 7 Me-109. She shared kills of 1 FW-190 and 1 Me-109. She also personally shot down an artillery spotter balloon. During the fighting she displayed excellent qualities as a pilot in performing tasks of reconnaissance, cover and escort. For combat achievements and bravery she was awarded the "Order of the Red Banner" and the "Red Star" medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad."

On 11 February 1943 as part of a four-ship formation she engaged in battle against 29 enemy aircraft, during which she personally shot down a Ju-87 and shared a kill against a FW-190.
In February 1943 for the successful conduct of combat activities and for outstanding flying skill comrade LITVIAK L. V. was designated to the group of pilots called Hunters.
On 22 March 1943 as part of a group of 6 Yak-1s JrLt LITVIAK L. V. attacked 12 Ju-88s. In two attacks she personally shot down one bomber and 15 minutes later she engaged in battle with six approaching Me-109s, one of which she shot down. Despite being wounded, she flew the Yak-1 to an airfield and managed to land gear-up.
After this battle comrade LITVIAK L. V. was sent to the hospital, but in late April she returned to the regiment early and resumed combat work.

On 5 May 1943 while escorting Pe-2 bombers, while repelling an attack by Me-109 she acted boldly and wisely, courageously led the fight and personally shot down one ME-109. There were no "Petlyakova" losses from enemy fighters in this battle.
On 7 May while flying in a pair on a free hunt mission she engaged in battle with a pair of Me-109s, and shot down one of them.
On 31 May 1943 at her own request she was sent to destroy an artillery-spotting balloon, raised by the enemy on the eastern outskirts of Troitskoe. Several attempts to knock it down by other pilots had failed. With tactical cleverness, JrLt LITVIAK L. V. shot down the balloon in a single pass
. Anti-aircraft artillery and fighters could not thwart her attack.
On 16 June during the interception of a reconnaissance FW-189, in a pair she engaged in battle with four Me-109f. After her leader was wounded, providing him with cover during his exit from the fight, she continued battle alone. She successfully repulsed the attack the fascists, and successfully flew her aircraft that had ten holes in it to her own airfield and landed wheels-up
On 16 June comrade LITVIAK L. V. as part of a six-ship of Yak-1s attacked 38 fascist aircraft (30 Ju-88 and 8 Me-109). In this engagement JrLt LITVIAK L. V. shot down a Ju-88, then engaged with two Me-109. She shot down one, but the second evaded combat. Despite being wounded she returned to formation and continued to fight, but was attacked and wounded again, and forced to do an emergency landing. While gliding down she was attacked and injured again, but safely landed on the fuselage. She flatly refused to be sent to a hospital, citing the lack of seriousness of her wounds. [NOTE: “June" is probably a typo; other sources indicate the date was 16 July, including Chronicle 1989.}
On 19 July 1943 while escorting Il-2 aircraft she acted boldly and decisively, deflecting the attacks of fascist fighters. She shot down one Me-109. Our shturmoviks lost no aircraft due to enemy fighters in this battle.
On 21 July as part of a four-ship of Yak-1s, led by Colonel Golyshev I. V
., she engaged in battle against 12 Me-109s. In this case, paired with Golyshev I. V. she was attacked by seven "Messerschmitts." She directly fought three ME-109s. She shot down one Me-109 of the four that were attacking Colonel Golyshev I. V. She was shot up, but managed, in spite of the being pursued to the ground, to safely land the plane on the fuselage.
On 1 August 1943 on her third sortie in a pair she engaged a superior number of fascist fighters. Together with her lead she shot down one Me-109.
On 1 August 1943 on her fourth sortie as part of a six-ship of Yak-1s she engaged with 12 Me-109 and 30 Ju-88. She personally shot down one Me-109. During the battle she was fatally wounded in the head. Her aircraft fell in the region of the farm of Kozhevnia of the Shakhtersky region of the Donetsk oblast.
Over the course of eight months of combat activity comrade LITVIAK L. V. completed 268 combat flights. She scored 15 aerial victories. She personally shot down 11 enemy aircraft and one artillery-spotting balloon, and shared kills of 3 more enemy planes.

For heroism and bravery, displayed in the struggle against the fascist invaders, for her outstanding fulfillment of military orders at the front of the Great Patriotic War comrade LITVIAK L. V. deserves posthumously the highest honor award of the Motherland, the designation HERO OF THE SOVIET UNION.
Chairman of the Presidium of the Council of War Veterans of the 8th Air Army, LtGen of Aviation Eremin B. N.
25 May 1989

Conclusion of Senior Commanders:

For bravery and courage demonstrated during the Great Patriotic War, deserves the award of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).
Chairman of the Council of War Veterans Marshal of Aviation A. S. [can't make out name]
15 March 1990

Data from paragraphs 1-11 agrees with the data from the Award Certificate of the order of the commander of the 8th Air Army No. 37/n from 10 September 1943 on awarding Patriotic War 1st degree posthumously.
TsAMO USSR, f. 33, Op. 686044, d. 4, p. 279/ and ? map CC Air Force.
Department Head Col. Lukashev.
Two seals: Council of War Veterans, and Central Order of the Red Star, Ministry of Defense of the USSR